Last Holiday Stop: Sauce for the Goose

Hello, lovelies!! Mudstar wares are heading to their last stop at the Arts Council of Princeton:

goose2-1-e1480951955992This annual sale of artwork by local and area artists has established itself as a resource for ceramics, glassware, ornaments, and other forms of fine art and craft for gifts to friends and family. In celebration of the opening of the market, enjoy refreshments from Chez Alice Catering Company. Join us at the Paul Robeson Center for the Arts on December 9-11 for the Sauce for the Goose Market.

Sale Hours:
Friday, 12/9, 5–9pm (ACP Members Only preview 4–5pm)
Saturday, 12/10, 10am– 5pm
Sunday, 12/11, 11am– 3pm

Hope to see your bright, shiny faces there! xo Rae


Next stop…Jane Consignment!

1516064_1679805402292275_1141463056_aI can’t wait! Beginning Thursday, December 1st, and running through Sunday, December 4th, Mudstar Ceramics wares will be snugly tucked into the fabulous Jane Consignment shop, right here in Princeton, New Jersey at 7 Spring Street.

And you can add yourself to Santa’s Nice List on 12/01 and 12/02, when you holiday shop in support of Trinity Counseling Service. 10% of your total purchase goes to TCS!!

Shop well, do good!! xo Rae

Get a Jump on Your Holiday Shopping!


Poinsettias…fresh outta the kiln!

I’ve been a busy little clay-er!! Poinsettia ornaments in two colors and sizes are fresh outta the kiln today. They’ll be at the Crafters’ Marketplace at John Witherspoon School, November 19 and 20th, along with lots of other goodies to come!! XO


Spoon Me.

Here’s to a day made for spooning. Happy Valentine’s Day, lovelies!!IMG_3056

A January Memo to Self

Happinesstaller-than-trees-300x300 is a choice. Grumble or smile – it takes the same amount of energy.
A good night’s sleep, a walk in brisk air and lots of water are better than Botox.

It’s okay not to fit in.

Family is everything.

Life is too short to have toxic people in our lives.

Love saves the day.

tumblr_m2zh3tGx5w1qbr8r3o1_400Music soothes and enervates the soul.

Making things with one’s hands brings joy. It’s a fact.

The smells of hot toast, coffee, popcorn, and bacon always make you hungry.

Needing quiet is not the same as being anti-social.


imagesThank you to all the wonderful friends, customers, and visitors this weekend at the Crafters’ Marketplace. I am a lucky gal for all the support and love. Happy Turkey Day to all and stay tuned for Mudstar’s next holiday show – XO!! Rae

Crafters’ Marketplace Is Here!!

Hello, lovelies!! Been a busy bee, getting ready for the Crafters’ Marketplace this weekend. The Bates Scholarship Fund is the worthy beneficiary, with the added benefit of your getting a hop on your holiday shop! If you’re in the Princeton area, please stop by. And snag me some of that off-the-chain toffee from the toffee ladies. (That’s how good it is. They are just known as the toffee ladies. No proper names – none needed. Fair warning: buy TWO boxes. You can give one away…) xo Rae

The Deets:

John Witherspoon Middle School

217 Walnut Lane, Princeton, NJ

Saturday, November 21 from 10am to 5pm

Sunday, November 22 from 11am to 4pm

I’m not one of those adorably messy artists.

IMG_9208IMG_8972How can a creative person work neatly? It goes against principle, doesn’t it? I don’t know. I’m just not one of those adorably messy artists who pace floorboards dotted with a rainbow of paint blobs, or rustle amid leaning towers of papers, only to pull out the right one. Eureka!
That kind IMG_9090of creative chaos looks delightful and romantic to me, but I can’t work that way. I’ve got folders, listIMG_9093s and bulletin boards. I like a deadline. I like to know where I’m going to be at 2pm.

Yes. I’m one of those. My theory is that there’s so much swirling chaos and so many thoughts competing for attention in my head, that if I had chaos on the outside, too, I might just implode. Or, you know, I need therapy. Whatevs.

IMG_8973 12.03.24 PMThought I’d give y’all a glimpse of my shared office space – the one that’s OUT OF THE HOUSE. Go ahead, wrap your head around that little nugget. I get so much more done here than at home. There are no piles of laundry here. Neatly-folded piles, that is.

Inspiring Lately

There’s a crackle and hum that wasn’t here last month. The skies are heavy with blue. There’s a new parklet in front of Small World Coffee, jubilant with the reappearance of the Nola. Summer girls totter in gladiators and tiny dresses in every hue. Kids yell louder, skate faster, spoon up their blend-ins from Thomas Sweets. The University’s iron gates stand empty except for tourists and their iPhones.

My bones feel it, too. They’re awake now. I serenade them with wacky jazz murmurations from Koop and scribble funny lines like “a gray imposition in a blue composition.” I chew chlorophyll gum because I never did that before. That seems right. Here’s what else is inspiring lately:

Morning, everyone.

51v9AWGi-TL._SY426_BO1,204,203,200_This book: My Cool Shed by Jane Field-Lewis. I want every one of these hideaways. Maybe this is where the good words live?



This art:20140612150408-gels End of Days by Brandie Grogan, because her palette, her repetition, her words, show me that there are others out there…



Fall-For-DIY-Clay-and-Rope-Pot-tutorialThis amazing tutorial on how to make a clay and rope bowl. Guess what I’m trying next?




02e8fa70405ffcf09dfc853709ca42fdThis dramatic and old-new glaze design by Michael Kline at Kline Pottery.




imagesAnd to the butterfly that flew with me on my walk yesterday, thank you:

this butterfly,
an impossible black,
reminds me of a dark-haired boy
who folded up my heart
into his paper thin wings
and flew away.